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What's Going On? - December 2019

It seems only a moment ago. What is going on with my hair?

I guess this is more or less it for 2019. Lots of fun gigs, lots of writing with lots of different people. I'm going to have to record some of it soon so stand by for several new albums in 2020. I've been doing a lot more gigs with the band lately so one them will be a band album, another for all those wonderful writer collaborations and a third for my forthcoming smash-hit musical theatre production. More of this in the new year.

So, just before we bow out, there are a couple more gigs this side of Christmas and one just over the New Year horizon:

The web site has the latest.

A quick word about One Winter's Night 2020.

An annual charity gala run by my good friend Gavin Thomas. It's an un-missable show, the best of the best of live music from our extended family of performers and writers in the local music scene, presented on the huge and magnificent stage at The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford, this time on 11th January. I'm not on the bill this year but I'll be lapping it up from the cheap seats! You absolutely have to go, it's amazing!

Felizes Fiestas, see you soon.


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Hi Jim. Love that pic of you and Froggy - reminds me of so many similar ones of me and Si. :)

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