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Live Stream Tomorrow Night 24th Apr

It's exciting times for those who gig. Proper, old fashioned gigs in front of a live audience are gathering in the diary, I've played a few already so I though it was time to start putting them out there using the Bandsintown gig diary once again. I'm guessing Google owns Bandsintown as they come up by default on my WIX website but, corporate nonsense aside, it seems to work pretty well.

Here's the screen capture but you can keep up to date with my gigs on my website home page. I've added some gigs for the band under its new name; No Dog Deal. These don't seem to appear on the website but I'm sure I'll work it out eventually.

Most imminent is a live stream show for the Graham Steel Online Music Company tomorrow at 8.00pm BST. Drop in if you can, it would be great to see you but the beauty of these things is that they hang around on my Facebook page for ever so you can watch them whenever you like. You'll find it here:

or here:

There's a lot going on right now but maybe we should leave it there for now!


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