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Crazy Week

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind. On Wednesday there was a pop up gig at the Newtown Pippin in Bracknell, Friday night was our monthly Music at the Pottery session, Saturday and Sunday I appeared at the glorious Surrey Hills Spring Festival (photo above) and Monday was my first appearance for Graham Steel's Acoustic Café at the Hope and Anchor in Wokingham. I'm exhausted just writing it all down. Of course none of these events made it as far as my Bands In Town gig diary so if you're the sort of person that pays attention to these things you'd be forgiven for thinking I was in rehab.

Speaking of secret appearances, a very lovely person called Ralph Knight got in touch last week having stumbled across a video I make with Rebecca Jayne a few years ago doing a cover of Streets of London.

Evidently my name does't appear anywhere on the credits but he somehow managed to track down my website to say hello. I said I was gigging a lot at the moment so maybe he'd run across me somewhere to say hello in person but Ralph lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada so he didn't think it very likely. Maybe I should look into a secret tour of Canada.

This week also saw the re-release of my CD Paintbox on streaming platforms. I took them all down a while ago because the distributer requires an annual fee to keep them up there and a surprising number of people contacted me to ask where they'd gone. My play is to re-release them using CD Baby who put them up permanently for a one-off fee so expect Sneaky D and About Love of the next few months and a brand new album in the Autumn.

Our second songwriting masterclass is rushing up. This is in my events diary so you may know about it already but, in case you don't, it's on Sunday 16th April at the Farnham Pottery so get in touch if you'd like to reserve a spot.

Meanwhile, have a very happy Easter holiday and I'll see you soon.


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What a beautiful version of The Streets of London. Loved it!

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