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A Tale of Two Gigs

In any normal year seasonal gigs would be piling up. I very nearly had a couple of strictly instrumental, face mask adorned gigs to help launch the festivities at a local garden centre until lockdown 2 was visited upon us. But no, here we are in Santa's on-line grotto, roasting virtual chestnuts and singing songs of joy and peace to the budgie.

As it happens I have two live streamed celebrations coming up so put the budgie on standby.

Graham Steel's On-Line Music Club

The first is on Friday 11th December at 8.00pm (UK time - sorry Brian) for Graham Steel's on-line music club. This will be the fifth such adventure so I'm starting to repeat myself in the set list but I will be throwing in the odd Christmas song in honour of the season. As ever you can find this on my own Jim Cozens Facebook page or on Graham's On-Line Music Club Facebook page. Details will be posted with a handy button so you can join in.

Music at the Pottery Christmas Special

The second is an altogether more ambitious project. On Friday 18th December at 8.00pm (UK time) we'll be hosting our first ever Music at the Pottery live streamed event. Since 2018 we've been hosting monthly music events from The Farnham Pottery that have been very well attended and this is a way of keeping in touch with our lovely audience until we can get back together for real. Calling this 'live' is a bit of a stretch. It's like the Christmas Top of the Pops, past guests have each videoed a special song for the session and I've sewn them all together with some links and created a show that will be presented by the the usual suspects; Peter Crutchfield and me. I have a new found respect for continuity announcers. It's not easy to speak for 60 seconds without blathering. Well, it isn't for me and Peter anyway but our links are not the point, I'm editing it right now and we have some fabulous performances to share.

If you fancy dipping in you can find it on our Music at the Pottery Facebook page or indeed my Facebook page but, assuming I can work out how to do it, I'm also planning to share it from this very website: and The Farnham Pottery Website so those of you sensible enough not to have a Facebook presence can also find us, if you are so inclined.

See you soon,

Jim x

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