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What's Going On? - September 2019

The trio rocking The Loft at Lychpit

I'm enjoying gigs with the trio. I've been trying to think of a name; JC and The Sunshine Band? Maybe not.

Coming up

Here's the snapshot, updates as usual from my website.

I've done several new gigs this month. The Songwriter's Round at The Star Inn, Guildford was a huge success. We had some spectacular writers with us and it's great to hear the back story for all the songs. There was was a really great vibe on stage which seemed to percolate into the audience, I've done a few similar events in the past but this one was really special. We're definitely going to do more.

Left to right; Rebecca Jayne, me, Eva Perrin Fontana, Joe Waller, TC and Gary Taylor

On the horizon now is our revival of The Surrey Songwriter's Showcase which kicks off at The Sands Room on September 27th with Eva Perrin Fontana and Sophie & Cam. I ran these at a pub in Elstead in 2016 but it didn't really work in an open pub. It's better if you can create a more intimate space where people come specifically to hear the music just the way we do at The Farnham Pottery. The Sands Room is in the same neighbourhood as The Pottery so I'll be interested to see if the Pottery audience will travel, I hope they do!

Another quick reminder of my reunion with Scratchers (The Three Lions) on September 1st, please come down if you're in the area. If you're not in the area, there's a very convenient railway station :-)

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