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What's Going On? - May 2019

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

I've just stepped out of my tiny studio after several hours trying to decide on one chord. Major or relative minor; that is the question. Simple and obvious vs moody and interesting. I eventually plumped for moody and interesting but these decisions are never really made, just parked. So it's parked for now, I needed some air anyway.

It's been an odd month in the studio. The composer and producers of the forthcoming smash hit musical Pink Angora Sweater liked my version of their first offering so they asked me to do two more.

Continuing the fantasy theme I've spent the last week (including the aforementioned chord selection marathon) recording a pop-tastic version of my song; Perfect Dream which is the fictional entry for the fictional EuroMission SongFest by fictional artist, Jules Charlie. I think it's fair to say it's come a long way since the demo. It's a 'no cliché unturned, everything but the kitchen sink' adaptation. I'm ashamed to say I quite like it but I need to stop now before the bass and the kick drum do permanent damage to the foundations of our house. I'm planning to put this out in a couple of weeks so stay tuned. Breaking news, I just set the work in progress to my fabulous publisher and she says she loves it and hates it in equal measure. A common response for a EuroMission entry.

There were the usual flurry of gigs in April including a pop up at The Bedford in Balham. I've not played there before but it has the frisson of serious music biz. I was the finale of a gaggle of young hopefuls who were all terrific. The headline slot was no reflection of of my status as an artist but because the serious music biz personnel generally don't stay late. I have to say I really enjoyed it. I remember doing gigs like this when I was a young hopeful. All stress and disappointment. I find myself untroubled by it these days so I can get on with simply playing songs for people which is really the point when all is said and done.

Brian Player on the left, Iona Lane in the middle and Peter Crutchfield at the front.

I did a live session for Brian Player's show on Wey Valley Radio. I've done a few of these, you have to squeeze yourself into the space then try to play perched on a fully mobile office chair without falling off or making it squeak. I think I got away with it but you can judge for yourself if you've a mind to.

But enough about last month!

Upcoming gigs

May has suddenly got busy. Gigs are as follows:

A particular shout out for our gig at Cranleigh Arts Centre next Friday 3rd May. If you're in the Cranleigh neighbourhood come on down.

And a special mention for Music at the Pottery. This is a monthly event that I co-host at The Farnham Pottery in Wrecclesham. The acts are always extraordinary and well worth coming to see if you're in the area. The tickets always go pretty quickly so you need to book ahead. We have a reservation system on the Farnham Pottery web site and we generally publish events about 4 weeks in advance so please check it out if you can. Last month was incredible, my old friend Gavin Thomas headlined and he was spectacular! As were the photos from Daniel Cook.

All for now, see you somewhere...

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