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What's Going On? - June 2019

A rare photo with everyone in it! Left to right; Rick Taylor, Yannick Van Reit, Rebecca Jayne, James Walker, me (obvs) Sophie Edmonds, Cam Websdale and Dan Bennett

About 90% of my gigs are solo so an opportunity to get the whole band together is a rare and beautiful thing. Two in the same month is both rare and convenient. Nobody likes to over rehearse. This is the whole ensemble at The Cranleigh Arts Centre.

I've had complaints from the management that I should give more priority to forthcoming events so here's the gig list for the next month or so, as ever the web site has more details. Notable this month is an appearance at The Marylebone Summer Festival, so if you happen to be around Paddington Street Gardens next Sunday 16th June, stop by and say hello. The gig on 26th of July is at The Loft in Old Basing which is an amazing venue so that's worth checking out too if you're over that way.

The last few weeks have been a bit mad, here are some highlights. First an update on the final chord dilemma. I changed my mind and plumped for 'cheesy and obvious' over 'moody and interesting'. Follow the cheese, that's what I say, words to live by in the music biz, I may put it on a T shirt. So I wrapped up Jules Charlie's fictional entry for EuroMission with the musical equivalent of a cheeseburger with extra cheese and stuck a similarly garish video on YouTube just in time for the UK's actual Eurovision entry to crash and burn in spectacular but predictable fashion. Life imitates art. Perfect Dream faired better!

My work on the Pink Angora project has finally stepped into the light. One of my tracks; Above the Clouds, was released as a single a couple of weeks ago and the album comes out on Friday 14th June. I'm going to the launch party tonight and I'm expecting champagne. I've already started playing Above the Clouds at gigs so at least 1/10 of a penny has been been earned in PRS. Seconds thoughts maybe a modest Prosecco would be more prudent until we see which way the wind blows.

My gig at the Walton Folk Festival went well. My musical genre is hard to pin down. I never say I'm a folk singer unless I'm trying to get a gig at a folk club. I started out in folk clubs but even then some of my songs were too pop, too rock or too something else. I generally find that people who go to folk clubs aren't mono-genre either. If you play them a good song they'll enjoy it even if it has a few jazz chords floating about in the chorus. I've played some great gigs at folk clubs lately and even been favourably reviewed in the folk press so I guess that's close enough. Here I am on the rain soaked Courtyard Stage at Walton.

Hope to see you somewhere, Jim

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