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What's Going On? - January 2020

It's worth mentioning the glorious paparazzi who turn up at gigs and blast away with their cameras for little or no recognition or reward. More photos of me have been snapped in the last 5 years than in the whole of the rest of my life and, as we all know in the age of social media, if there isn't a photo of something, it doesn't exist. So my thanks to Daniel Cook, Phil Mitchel, Rob Blackham, Dave Pullinger, Tom O'Donohue, Charlie Cooper, Elizabeth Molineux, Shaun Duke and many more for taking so many great live shots and throwing away the ones that make me look like an idiot.

Happy New Year by the way, I hope your decade is going well so far. Apart from the usual set pieces I was locked away for most of the holidays trying to finish the musical but it's done now, 13 brand new songs for my imaginary friends to sing. Now all I need to do is record them. Meanwhile gigs are starting to pop up.

A particular mention for our forthcoming gig at Applegarth Farm; The Blue Brick Sessions. It's a brand new music night right here in the village and January 31st is our opening night and we have some great players on the bill and Dan and I will be playing some tunes too. It would be great to see you there.

See you soon.

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