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What's Going On? - April 2019

Thank you to everyone who showed up at the book launch events. Wine was consumed, nibbles were nibbled and all the books were sold! You can't ask for more. It's available through Amazon now although they don't seem to be have an image of the front cover on the web site which is annoying. I'll be promoting it by releasing music under the name of Jules Charlie. If you were at the launch you'll have heard the demo version of Perfect Dream which turns into the UK entry for The EuroMission SongFest so I'm recording a full-on monster Euro-pop version that will be released in a month or so to coincide with Eurovision. I know, it's shameless but what can you do? I've created a Facebook page for Jules Charlie with lots of photos from my past with the faces blurred out. Strangely that seems to be what's happened to my real face too.


Speaking of old stuff, my album Paintbox is so old there never was a digital version so I've put it out there now so you can get it through the usual streaming services. I play nearly everything that's on it in my set including one of my most requested songs; Dancing With Your Memory so people tend to ask about it.

No big deal, I just wanted to complete the set.


We had a blast at the various gigs in March. I ended up doing an emergency set at Grayshott Folk Club on the same night as our gig at The Farnham Pottery because Rebecca Jayne was struck down with tonsillitis at the last minute. We singers are martyrs to our throats.

I'm supporting The True Deceivers at Godalming Borough Hall tonight (30th March). Over the next month or so I'm doing various things out there in the real world beyond the studio door.

9th April: I'm appearing on Wey Valley Radio, the Brian Player Show, which will involve some chat and a live performance of a couple of songs.

15th April: I'm appearing at The Acoustic Cafe, a Graham Steel thing that takes place in The Rose and Crown in Sandhurst every Monday.

2nd May: I'm doing a GT session at The King's Head, King's Road, Guildford

3rd May: at Cranleigh Arts Centre we're doing a Jim Cozens and Friends gig which involves the whole crew together with a fabulous country band called Backwoods Creek. We did this last November and it worked really well. It's a shame there weren't more bums on seats so if you're in Cranleigh with nothing better to do on a Friday night, it'd be good to see you!

11th May: The band is playing for The Haslemere Fringe Festival at St Christopher's Church in Haslemere.

There's sure to be some pop ups here and there but that's enough for now.

My Secret

Out of the blue a few weeks ago my lovely publisher Stacey asked if I'd consider producing and performing someone else's song. This had never happened before so of course I said yes. Stuart J Brayson, evidently a composer of hit stage musicals, has written a musical adaptation about the life of eccentric American; Ed Wood, called Pink Angora Sweater and they need tracks for the concept album. There was a film about him in the 90s staring Johnny Depp but I hadn't seen it and didn't know anything about him. They sent me the demo of a song called My Secret and I've now recorded a heart breaking, albeit explicit lyric about the pain of a man who had, shall we say, a fondness for wearing pink angora. I don't judge. It's a lovely song and I'm happy to have delivered it. They seemed to like it because they asked me to do another one and co-produce a third for a female singer. Maybe I'm a producer. Who knew? They plan to release the album in June so be prepared. I may need a severe wardrobe makeover for any personal appearances.

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