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Unaccustomed as I am

Reading out loud is not as easy as it sounds. My lovely publisher has indicated, more than indicated really, if you know her you’ll know what I mean, anyway she said that I’m expected to read something from the book at the launch next week. I have no problem singing songs to people, I do it all the time but reading out loud from a book is something I haven’t done since I was at school. The tongue twisting alliteration, the contorted sentence structure and the mystery of which character is saying what, all conspire to turn you into a gibbering idiot. I have a new found respect for voice-over professionals. I’ve been practising. I think I’ll be OK by the 5th but this is only a few days away now so I’d better keep at it. Also; where the hell can you buy a smoking jacket these days? Maybe a vaping jacket instead. If you’re coming up to London for the launch (Daunt Books, 61 Cheapside from 6.30) I’ll see you there and you can find out how I got on!

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