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The Big Weekend

As you'll have gathered I do one or maybe two gigs a week on average. Not too strenuous and happily within the tolerance of those who organise the family social calendar but the weekend at the end of this month is a bit more intense.

On Friday 27th there's the inaugural gig for the all new Surrey Songwriter's Showcase featuring two of my all time favourite local artists, actually all time favourite artists full stop. Anyone who regularly comes along to The Farnham Pottery should come down, you'll love it.

On Saturday 28th I'm playing at Grayshott Village Hall for the charity Dinner & Dance. This is for those who like the full nine yards on a Saturday night; dinner prepared by the fabulous, one day famous chef Alex Ford and music from a troop of spectacular performers including yours truly with my cohorts in the Jim Cozens Band. The dancing I leave to you!

Then on Sunday 29th I'll be returning to The Three Lions aka Scratchers in Farncombe for another mellow Sunday session. The perfect way to wind down after a hectic weekend.

After that I'll need a lie down.

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