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Sticking to what you're good at

A thought occurred to me recently and not for the first time, I'm just not very good at the social media thing. There's a good deal of shame attached to this admission, I like to think of myself as a progressive, after all it's the future, the modern way and if Mark Zuckerberg is right, reality will shortly be replaced by some virtual alternative, if it hasn't already which, looking around, I think it might have. So shouldn't I want to be a part of it? Well maybe I should but quite frankly, I don't. You can if you like, I won't judge, but I've decided to stick to what I'm good at.

So, what am I good at? I have some general skills, I can hammer in a nail, screw in a screw, I'm competent, if messy, in the kitchen and I can bake a fine sour dough when the mood takes me but in the realm of music I only really do three things well that happen to make me irrationally happy; I write songs, record songs and play songs. So the thought that occurred to me once again is that I need to put aside all distractions and simply do these three things as much as possible. Douglas Adams created a character in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy called Slartibartfast who said this: "...the chances of finding out what's actually going on are so absurdly remote that the only thing to do is to say, 'Hang the sense of it,' and keep yourself busy." Words to live by.

I daresay I'll still find time for the occasional post on Facebook or Instagram even though I have no clue what happens to them when I do but I'm mostly going to confine my commentary to this blog which will be more of a diary than a promotional tool. Something to help me remember what's happened when I've forgotten about it five minutes later. So tag along if you like, I'll be sharing the good and the bad stuff as we go and trying to keep in mind that, in my life at any rate, music is all about having fun.

So much for the mission statement, stand by for episode 2 in which I promise to include some actual news.

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