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Monday March 29th - Once more into the livestream

Thanks to Geoff Foden for this photo from a gig in Madrid in 2010. It has nothing to do with my livestream sessions, I just like to remember that once upon a time I used to play in places other than my studio! As a matter of fact I have my first proper, post-lockdown live gig in the diary on the August Bank Holiday weekend but I won't count my chickens just yet.

In the mean time there's another session in front of the web cam on Monday evening March 29th 8.00pm BST (the UK clocks go forward next weekend!) You can find it in the usual places; my Jim Cozens page and Graham Steel's On-line Music Club.

A radical thought occurred to me while I was pondering the set list; if you have a favourite song from my set that I don't seem to play often enough, drop me a line and I'll sing it for you. Always assuming I can remember how it goes!

See you Monday,


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