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Live Streaming - Session Three 28th August 8.00pm BST

I'm slowly getting the hang of this live streaming business. On a technical level, pointing the phone at yourself and clicking the Facebook livestream button doesn't work at all well, you have to do tricks with some clever software if you want it to sound and look good. Then, after days of pulling your hair out trying to make it do your bidding, you've got to rise above the technical strangeness and relax as if everything is perfectly normal and finally there's the business of not looking like a plonker. Looking at the camera, not looking at the camera, grinning like an idiot, closing your eyes or staring blankly into space. This is never a problem at a live gig because the audience doesn't see you in close up. Maybe it is a problem, I just didn't notice because I never saw the playback. Best not to play it back if you want my advice.

The relationship with a virtual audience is the strangest thing of all. Performers naturally want to engage and wow their audience. In a real gig it's a very direct interaction. If the audience likes what they hear, you can feel the love, you raise your game, more love, more confidence, more wow, more love and round it goes. In my case that's usually the moment I forget the lyrics and crash back to earth but all the same it's good while it lasts. But now this. Nobody and nothing but a camera lens and stream of Facebook emojis that I can't read because; a, I'd have to put my glasses on and b, squinting at a screen while you're in full flow rather breaks the mood. Radio presenter seem to be the closest thing, the lonely DJ with nothing but the studio light and a microphone for company. My strategy is to imagine my favourite kind of audience, a few dozen smiling faces and just chat away to them. They clap at the end of songs, laugh at my amusing anecdotes and never seem to mind that they've heard them all before.

It's certainly not as good as a proper live gig but it's the only way to we get to perform in our new, weird reality so; onwards and upwards. Session 3 is on its way on 28th August at 8.00pm BST in which I'll be supporting the fabulous Hannah Turner.

You can catch the show via Graham Steel's GSMC Online Music Club Facebook page.

My previous live stream shows are also on my YouTube page if you want to catch up.

See you there,


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