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How Strong?

I love co-writing songs. This is new for me, for most of my life I was that lonely geezer writing sad songs in an attic by candle light. Not that there ever was an attic or indeed a candle but I embraced the stereotype none the less. A few months ago a group of us came up with 'How Strong', the lyrics of which are about the struggles of our front line medical staff as they cope with the pressure of life and death responsibility under the increasing weight of public expectations and dwindling resources. Peter, our fearless leader, suggested we record and release the song into the digital wild to help draw attention to the issue and raise some cash for the Samaritans who are themselves part of that beleaguered front line so we recorded it with a bunch of good friends, mastered it at Abbey Road and gave it its freedom. So now it’s out there, you can stream it, you can buy it, you can see the video on YouTube and all of the proceeds will go to the charity. I love the song, I love the recording and all the people that played their part in making it and I hope you love it too but most of all I hope you might find your way to our JustGiving site and make a small donation to the Samaritans. They need our help, and coincidentally, we need theirs!

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