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California Streaming

Live streaming on Facebook is quite the thing these days. I've been ignoring it as vigorously as I can but it seems there's no avoiding it. The guidelines for permitting proper live performances seem suggest there needs to be at least 6 miles separation between a singer and the audience and most venues that I play are barely six feet across so that's the end of that. So I've succumbed. My good friend and music promoter Graham Steel has been running a live streaming music club during lockdown and he's given me a slot tomorrow night (July 2nd) at 8.45 (British Summer Time) I have no idea how this will turn out but I spent all day battling with the technology and all I can say is that it should work. If you'd like to join me in this adventure, it would be lovely to see you (or not see you actually - that's one of the weird things about this form of performance, it's just me and a mobile phone) anyway, do tune in if you can, there's nothing sadder than some bloke playing on the internet with no subscribers!

Here's the link: Graham Steel Online Music Club

Until tomorrow...


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