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Lifetime singer songwriter


A classic singer songwriter and storyteller, his songs are personal, universal, joyful and moving. In a long, glorious, off-grid career he's played his songs to audiences all around the world, written for other artists, music for radio, television and movie productions and had a bloody good time in the process.

Life So Far

Inspired by the Beatles, taught by Bert Weedon, he took his direction from classic singer songwriters like Paul Simon, James Taylor and Cat Stevens. He signed to an indie label and released an album in 1978 but by then singer songwriters were tragically out of fashion so the album sank without trace. There followed a litany of fabulous but ultimately doomed projects including a rock band, a novel and run at Eurovision in 1988.  Then silence, punctuated by the occasional charity gig.


While working in the USA, a chance encounter with American artist Mary Ann Redmond inspired him to go back to his roots. He returned to England a year later, quit his day job and got on the road. 


For the last 10 years he’s been constantly writing, recording and performing. Clubs, pubs, art centres, and festivals. Anywhere to find an audience for his songs.  His touring circle continues to expand with dates planned across the UK, Europe and the USA in 2024. 


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